Traffic Park

<Traffic Park>

I woke up really early this morning. Mom was rubbing her eyes as she woke up and asked me if I wanted to go to the traffic park today. I yelled ‘Yes!’ as if my vocal cords were about to be ripped. All of the furnitures in my house shook with my loud voice. We rushed our breakfast and we drove the park. My mom was like a pilot and my car seat was flying.

We finally arrived! Phew~ Worms on the ground approached me as soon as I got off the car. They were chasing me as if they were about to climb up my shoes. I think worms are like magicians. Because they just jumped out of the grass out of nowhere! The grass is the audience, the ground is his magician hat, and the little sprouts are his magical pigeons~ The reason why the sprouts are pigeons is because magicians always show off their birds! Worm’s magical stick is a wood stick.

After the show, the grasses were swaying their heads in the wind. I watched a magical show today.

[red note: Did you know there are 100 different kinds of worms? -teacher]

[blue note: Let’s try to observe more nature! Please take care of yourself during this cold season, teacher. -mom]