Cheonge Mountain

<Cheonge Mountain>

On Sunday, my mom told me that we are going to her grandmother’s house while I was watching a good cartoon movie. “Betty, get dressed.” “No! After this scene!” We started to bicker. In the end, I was forced to wear my clothes. I was talking to myself, complaining. Mom started the car’s engine and drove off. Then my dad said the reason why I’m ugly is because somebody put a spell on me to have a lot of pimples. My fists were angry they started a fire. I glanced at my dad and punched the car once when no one was looking.

We finally arrived at Cheonge Mountain. My grandmother said “Wow!” My feet started to hurt as if I was walking barefoot. We arrived at the entrance and it was so steep from the beginning. There was no way this hike was going to be easy and I made my way up, looking around. I was already out of breathe.

I couldn’t climb up to the top but I was still proud of myself.