First Snow Of the Year

<First Snow Of the Year>

My dad screamed “It’s the first snow of the year!” We all got up, with our eyes not quite open fully yet. “What are you saying so early in the morning, dad?” So I looked out the window. It was true!

It was so white that it looked like it was covered by sugar. “Wow!”

We all ran outside. “Crunch, crunch!” “My shoes are already farting in the snow!”

I became a swan and ran around. Like a ballerina. Like a surprised frog…

My mom and dad slowly started to dance with me. My socks were as wet as a damp towel. I threw a snowball at my dad and mom. We started to snowfight. “So cold!” We were laughing so hard the sunflowers were jealous of us.

The playground that was once covered in snow became a place of laughter. I still wanted to play more outside when my parents asked me to come back in. Because my shoes still wanted to fart in the snow.