My Dad's Birthday

<My Dad’s Birthday>

His birthday is on March 10th but I forgot the date and didn’t plan a birthday party. I felt so bad I teared up when I found out about his birthday. My dad took me to school today and I bought him a nice ball pen at the stationary store. My heart felt a weird tingle because he always buys me stuff but I felt like a mom today. He was a little shy and smiled with a face red like the apple. He must be telling himself that no other kids buy stuff for their dads.

I slowly started to feel better about his birthday.

We went to a buffet restaurant after school with his flying car. There was no one else at the restaurant so we ate like the royalties. We ate all their food, almost eating the plates as well. I kept on eating their spaghetti as if my heart was a larva, hungry for food. Because larvas eat whatever they can get their hands on. All of our stomachs were as round as the Earth. Fried pork and spaghettis were swimming in my stomach.

My dad’s birthday was so much fun as if it was my own birthday.