Doctor Wilmut’s Clone Sheep ‘Dolly’

<Doctor Wilmut’s Clone Sheep ‘Dolly’>

There was a big news on the newspapers today…

That we are able to clone living animals with the discovery of Doctor Wilmut’s creation, Dolly. The article talked about Doctor Wilmut visiting South Korea to talk to Doctor Hwang WooSuk to discuss the matters of Dolly.

Doctor Wilmut wanted to know more about the sheeps ever since he was a kid, growing up with them in his farm. So he decided to try cloning one. However, many people were against his idea in the past. I would have been against it, as well. Because think about if someone put sheep DNA into a human body. It would be a very different world.

It is amazing that Doctor Hwang found human’s DNA stem cells because by transplanting healthy stem cells into a sick person, the person will be healthier. I hope Doctor Hwang receives a Nobel prize. I hope these two scientists work well together and become even greater than Nobel himself.

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