My mom’s neighbor friend came over and chatted with my mom. Little later, DaMi came over as well. She was smiling so brightly as always. I felt like I was seeing her for the first time because I was so happy to see her. We ran outside as if we promised each other to do so. Like lightning… We finally played with our rollerblades on.

How do rollerblade sustain my weight and lift me up?
The wheels are not steel… Her rollerblades and mine became friends and got along with each other really well.
We went to a playground that is usually empty but it felt like there were 100 people in the playground with all of our talks and laughters. We did the hurricane when we were on the swing. Hurricane is when you twist the swing when you’re swinging on it. So as it twists, you twirl like squid legs. I always have weird thoughts after being spinned around.

I forgot about my curfew because I was having such a good time. So my mom scolded me but my heart was still in the playground.