My Family

<My Family>

There are three people in my family. Me: student, mom: good at housework, dad: scientist

We always talk about what happened that day and the future of things. On Mondays, my mom talks about her housework. The rest of us listen to her as if we are at school. On Tuesdays, my dad talks about what he ate at work and stuff he was working on. Whenever my dad mentions his cosmetic projects, my mom asks him a favor to bring her one. On Wednesdays, I talk about what happened at school and which classes I took. My parents never stop asking me questions.

My mom always asks me about history with a smile on her face. I find the questions so difficult. Why does she always have to ask me so many difficult questions? I think she finds history important. The reason why there’s unconditional love between us three is because we always talk a lot and care for one another.