I was studying English with my mom. But she scolded me because I mistakenly wrote ‘d’ for a ‘b’. She said “How come you still can’t differentiate ‘b’ and a ‘d’ after all this time?” I was so upset and wanted to cry. My eyes started to blur and started to cry like rain. Drop Drop!

I wonder what she was thinking at that moment. Probably.. “I hate Betty so what am I worried about? She can’t even differentiate the alphabets.”

As I was about to eat dinner, she read my diary. She kept glancing at me and finally asked “Do you really think I hate you?” I felt sorry in the back of my mind but I knew being honest was best so I told her “Yes” in a small voice.

I wonder what she was thinking at that moment. I think her brightly pink heart was probably dying a little bit. I regretted saying so but it was too late. She hugged me and said “I am yours. I might die earlier trying to save you from a car accident or something.”

So I started to cry even more and told her not to do that if it ever happens. She looked at me again and said “I’m yours for free!” So I said “Yes, mom. Thank you.”

We eventually finished dinner with a happy end but she kept re-reading my diary as if she really couldn’t believe what I wrote. She kept staring at me while I was eating my dinner. So after dinner, I started to study. It felt like I was being praised for doing my math homework well.

I was a little bit sad today but I became happy because my mom consoled me.