Eating At Restaurant

<Eating At Restaurant>

My dad asked me what I wanted to eat after school. So I said “Of course I want to eat spaghetti!” So we all rushed into the car to go eat. But my dad kept saying he wanted to eat cold noodles. I said “Not in million years!”

My dad was sitting in the backseat and he kept trying to charm his way to going to a cold noodle restaurant. “Do you want to come sit in the backseat with me?” I don’t know why he kept asking me that because it’s narrow back there anyways.

We arrived to the restaurant and ordered pizza, spaghetti and pork cutlets. As soon as the pizza came out, he was shoving them into his mouth like a hippo. Then the pork cutlets came out. They were not store bought so they were hot and delicious. The pork cutlets looked like an owl. Because it’s brown…

My mom grabbed the pork cutlet dish. Then the spaghetti came. I started to drool as soon as I saw them. I wiped my drool with a tissue and twirled my chopstick around the spaghetti. I wanted to keep eating but was becoming too full. My stomach became as round as a fresh roll of toilet paper. But I was feeling happy, touching my giant stomach. It was very good day!

[blue note: Let’s go out more often and talk about what happened in our lives! -mom]