My Best Friend, YeRin

<My Best Friend, YeRin>

After I came back from Wonderland, my mom peeped her head from her room and said “YeJin called earlier~” I happily said “I want to go out and play with her!” My mom replied “Sure thing.”

“YeRin, it’s been so long!”
”Yeah, it really has been!”
”Hey, I got some marbles from the fountain.”
”Where? Where? Show me!”

I wonder how she felt. She was probably happy. That’s why she laughed “hahaha.”

YeRin! I want you to be my friend forever. So let’s be nice to each other.

”What are you thinking about so deeply?”
”Then shall we go to Hyundae neighborhood?”

Finally we made it! There were more beautiful marbles by the fountain. So YeRin and I took them all.

I hope YeRin stay as my friend even when we grow up and be the same like this.