Mansuk Park

<Mansuk Park>
I woke up early and woke my mom up. “Mom! Where are we going today?” My mom replied “We are going to Mansuk Park” and sounded annoyed with me. My mom is definitely not the most clean person. She does everything half-way. She slightly opened the door of my room and asked me “What do you want to eat for breakfast? as she was rubbing her eyes. I knew she wouldn’t say yes so I said “Ramen…” in a very small voice.

“Okay! Let’s eat it!” She has a heart of an angel even though she’s not perfect.

We changed our clothes in a hurry and yelled “Let’s go!”. My dad got ready in a hurry and said “Me too. I want to come!” I think he’s always excited to go outside.

We finally arrived. I think my dad was trying to hide his excitedness by walking so tough. My dad is always so funny!

I rode my three wheeled razor. I think this razor is made out of heavy stones and metal. Even the wheels. My dad was not about to just watch me ride it alone! He got on the razor and probably thought “I won’t try that hard to ride well.”

I was right. He was riding it without much effort.

It was time to go home and my eyes became wide open. Because the razor was saying goodbye to my heart. I really wanted to play more but there was nothing I could do.