My Mom's Mistake...And My Tears...

School bell rang for the third class of the day. Ding Dong Deng Dong~
I was thinking ‘Yes! It’s craft time!’
But…My mom didn’t prepare the right materials for the class today. The teacher asked “Betty, your materials?”
”I don’t have it…”
”What? You will have to remain after class and clean up the classroom then." She said it with her charismatic voice. I wonder if she was upset? Or if she felt good?
Please write your feelings, teacher. [ purple note: I didn’t feel all that great either. You didn’t say anything about your mom’s mistake…-teacher]
My heart became fragile and malleable like a piece of clay.
Later, my mom told me that she just received whatever the stationary man gave her. She didn’t check the lists on the calendar but only believed his hunch.
Teacher! Please be understanding. I came home crying.

My mom apologized to me thousand, million times.

[blue note: Betty! I made a big mistake. But your teacher scolded you to make you a better person.-mom]