A Cat That Became A Part of My Family

<A Cat That Became A Part of My Family>

I went for a walk with my mom after coming back from Wonderland. But!
I heard a loud “meow!” somewhere. So I got close to the noise and there was a boy who was holding a kitty as small as my fist. I asked him “Can I please have him?” He replied “Yeah, sure.”

I was so happy. He said “Somebody threw him away because his mommy cat died.” So my mom and I flew with our wings to our house holding this little kitty.

It was so surreal. He looked like a doll because he was so cute. I couldn’t say a word… Because he was just that cute…

But my dad won’t let me keep him. Hm…I must charm my dad tomorrow to convince him.

How awesome would it be if I became the kitty’s mom? Ah…I can’t even say a word.