Erasers Shaped Like A Can

<Erasers Shaped Like A Can>

She was so happy after school. Because her teacher asked her for a favor. She hopped over the stairs after reading some books at the library. She quickly went to the stationary store and bought 6 erasers that were shaped like a can. Her mouth was wide open as if she was wearing a red face mask.

When I got into the elevator, my mouth was so wide open.

But I got scolded by my mom when I got home. “Who told you to buy this many erasers!” Her voice was so loud that the sky shook. I replied to her in a loud voice “Why can’t I do one thing I love to do?” Our words were fighting with each other. Then it became a battlefield.

My mom eventually won. I lost for her. If she was my friend, I would have hit her…Anyways, she confiscated three of the erasers. But I still had 3 left. Haha! I don’t understand her. I think half of her is evil while the other half is an angle.