Wow, Let's Go To The Cool Swimming Pool!

<Wow, Let's Go To The Cool Swimming Pool!>

I began to pack my school bag after getting up early in the morning.

My mom said “Today’s your swimming day.” I felt stupid at that moment. I was playing around with EunGyeong in the car and an hour flew by. I think the clock needles have wings. When I put my feet into the water, everything in my body froze. Even my heart!

Jung JeHoon was being sneaky and snatched my cap away. I pushed him into the pool and sprayed him water. I felt much better.

When I went to a deeper part of the pool, it was so deep I must have thought I am taller than what I actually am. After swimming and eating lunch, I changed into my sports outfit with a blanket covering my body. I was checking all around me while changing. I was looking out for any boys would play a mean joke. After changing into my clothes, I came down a slide that was as high as the sky. I came down the slide like a black knight with his headpiece.