How To Make A Happy Family

<How To Make A Happy Family>

First, you have to be healthy! You have to be healthy in order to study or cook. Health is the most important thing. The quality of our health depends on our effort so we have to exercise from time to time. We become happy when we are healthy.

Next, you need to communicate. Communication allows the family members to know more about each person’s daily lives. If you know nothing about the other person’s day, that is one of the indications that the love has been loosened.

You also need to know how to be considerate. If you’re not considerate, the family members will start fighting about what they want to eat. Then the love for the family will decrease. I think if you are considerate, you can eat whatever you want.

Next, you need to cherish one another. If you don’t cherish them, you would have no idea that they are a special person to you. If you don’t cherish them, you will start to feel like they are useless and that you’ll be fine without them.

Next, you need to give them compliments. Compliments make both parties happy because the receiver smiles like a sunflower and the one who complimented will smile like a hibiscus.