Betrayal of YeungGeong

<Betrayal of YeungGeong>

There was a discussion time during listening/speaking class about someone you like. I raised my hand really high and stood up. “I would like to say something! YeungGeong is my best friend!” But I regret it now.

Because I gladly took her offer to play with her but when I actually went to the playground, she was already with someone else. I was not happy. My heart started ache as if I drank poison. This reminds me of a certain story about a boy and his cactus.

There was a cactus and a boy. He really liked the cactus. He asked the cactus “Hey cactus, how can I make you happy?” Cactus replied“Just…hug me” The boy said “That’s it?” So he approached the cactus to hug him. But cactuses have thorns! But the boy hugged him anyways, not considering whether he would die or not. His clothes started to stain in his own blood. The cactus said “Someone take this boy off of me. Or else he’s going to die.” So the cactus wasn’t happy in the end. The boy said “Aren’t you happy now? If not, I’ll hug you tighter until you become happy.”

I hope to have a friend for life whether I am popular or not. What’s the point of having a lot of friends, they have to be real friends~

I realized I have to be cutthroat with friends sometimes and choose the people around me with caution.