A Death of One Of the Hamsters

<A Death of One Of the Hamsters>

If I get to meet this hamster somewhere, I want to say this. “Hamster, you could say you died miserably but I don’t think so. What did the other hamsters do to you that you ended up in the sky world?”

I have a weak heart towards animals. I think misfortune has made its way into my life ever since you passed away. But I think I’m still not enough for you. I am really sorry that I couldn’t take care of you till the end.

You lost your precious life because of my mistake… I’ll make sure it won’t happen to the other four hamsters.

Do you think you can reply to me in my dreams? I still want to be your companion even though I was unable to take care of you. Do you think you can forgive me? If you can get me a dog that I can really take a good care of, that would be wonderful. I can’t believe what I’m asking from you after killing you.

If you forgive me, I can handle 100 difficulties in my life. I am really sorry…