I ordered a pizza that had a lot of freckles. I was hoping the pizza had feet and delivered itself on foot but it was a delivery guy who came. I listened to Byeol, Noeul, Rain, and God album while I waited for my pizza. If my pizza was a spider pizza, it would have arrived in 1 second... “DingDong~” My house bell rang like a siren.

My ear drum almost popped from the sound. I ran there like a bullet and paid the delivery guy. I took a sneak peak into the pizza. “You are mine! Haha!”

Then the pizza frowned at me. I took a closer look at the pizza and it looked like it was frowning because the ham was slanted. I grabbed a slice and watched the long cheese string. Mom and I ate it all in such a hurry.

Pizza is probably taking an adventure in my body by now.