My Dad Came Home Early In 10 Years


<My Dad Came Home Early In 10 Years>

My dad was home when i got back from my art class. “Dad! You’re home early!” “Yeah, your mom is busy tonight so I came home early instead.”

I was so happy because it’s been 10 years since he’s come home early. I want to make a newspaper article like this.

Front page: Betty’s dad coming home early in 10 years
He always comes home late but he finally comes home early…
Betty: I was always sad because he’s late but I feel great to see him at home.
Betty’s dad: I also feel great to be home early and it’s best because I’m with Betty!

Family is the best!

Point: What about a hug after coming home early?

No matter how steep the hill is, by talking with your family, it feels like a flat road.