New Year's Day

<New Year’s Day>

I will study hard this year so that I can get a lot of praises from my teacher and become popular in my class. My objective for this year is to study. So I prayed to my grandfather, to allow me to study harder this year…and one more thing! To let me have a dog. Maybe it’s childish of me to ask but it is an important thing to me. My mom said she’ll get me two dogs once we move to a place with a garden or after I graduate high school but I can’t wait. Dogs are all that I think about.

My dad told me he prayed for everyone to stay healthy. But I think natural health is better. But only wishes for dogs can come true with good luck. So I hope I get my wish this year! But my parents are fighting right now. Oh, no! I realized that wishes only come true to those who has suffered. God, please let me wishes come true!