My Birthday Party

<My Birthday Party>

I took my friends to CanMore after school. Everybody was being loud. They kept asking me where we were going. It was kind of silly that they kept asking me because the building was right in front of their noses.
We finally arrived. Phew! Some other friends were already seated in the restaurant. I sat down on a swinging chair. All of my friends followed my lead and sat next to me. I shared a delicious spaghetti with Minji. After the meal, we played freeze tag game outside. JeHun reluctantly became the guy who has to tag someone else. “Mugunghwa Kotchi Pi-uthumnida!” (Korean phrase when we play freeze tag)

Then, Dongjin tapped me. “Kyaaaa~” I safely made it back to the line. Phew.
A lady who was working nearby loudly scolded Gyubin and Dongjin. Actually, everybody else was hiding in the bathroom by then.

Finally, I got to go home. Yahoo!
My friends were being loud once again and wouldn’t let me go home. I sighed so many times. So we decided to play a little bit more outside. We ended up making snowmans and did snow fights. I became really cold after that. But, I was so happy in the end.

Thank you, everybody.