In Order to Sit Next to My Teacher

<In Order to Sit Next to My Teacher>

I woke up with messy hair 7 in the morning. But because I wanted to sit on the sparkling gold seat next to my teacher, I got up and rushed my breakfast. So some of the rice fell onto my clothes. Yuck.

I put on my clothes that were frozen from my excitement and hurriedly got on the elevator. The elevator was already on the 10th floor, thank God. I pressed the down button 100 times but it felt so much slower than usual. 20…21…22…23…24! The door finally opened and I got into the elevator before the elevator recording even finished saying “The door is opening.”

I ran to school in a superspeed x 100. “So tiring!” I then ran to the teacher’s room with all the strength I had left. After getting the keys, I opened the lucky classroom door. Nobody else was there. It was so silent. (It felt like crows were kaw-ing) Yahoo~

I wanted to dance because I was so happy.
JiYoung came in right after me. I was thinking ‘I know you came to school early to sit where I’m sitting.’ But I acted casually. I was so happy all throughout the classes today.