Ocean Dad (part2)

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She said that she's slowly seeing deeper meanings to his death and understanding him more as a person rather than her dad. Before, she felt that his death was so unfair. No good byes and no letters and he was just gone. Her mom told her that she heard his voice saying "Good bye, Kiko." the night before he passed away which made her even more angry because she didn't receive any good-byes. I told her that the reason he couldn't say good bye to her was because he knew she wouldn't be able to handle it. Maybe he knew if he said good bye to his daughter, he wouldn't have done it. We'll never know.

Then, I asked her what he liked to do. She started talking about his love for the beach and traveling. I then suggested that she should go to all those places he wanted to and that traveling might give her closure and be able to understand him a little more.

She agreed and currently is saving money to travel around the world. I wonder if she's going to find meaning to her life while traveling.

That was a really sad story, I know. But her words pierced right through me, letting me know that there's sadness all around us. Seemingly happy people with perfect lives, they, too have a shadow that follows them.

I don't think you can get rid of your shadows, you just have to learn to live with it and even enjoy its company.