Birth Control

생리도 비규칙적이고 머리가 많이 빠지기 시작해서 병원을 가보기로 했다.
팬티를 벗고 골반에 수건을 걸치고 의자에 누웠다.
누운 순간부터 갑자기 생리가 왔고 피가 의자에 흘러내렸다. 너무 쪽팔렸다. 의사선생님은 괜찮다고 했지만 난 너무 부끄러웠다.

의사선생님이 피임약을 먹는게 좋다고 했다. 몸에서 여성호르몬과 남성호르몬의 발란스가 맞지 않아서 머리가 빠지는거라고 했다. 그래서 오늘 처음 한달양 피임약을 받아왔다.

내일부터 머리가 새싹처럼 자랐으면 좋겠다.

I’ve been losing hair with irregular periods so I decided to go to the hospital.
I covered my naked hips with a towel after I took off my underwear and walked up to the chair.
As soon as I layed down on the chair, I suddenly got my period and the blood was dripping onto the floor. It was so embarrassing. The doctor told me it’s okay but I was really embarrassed.

She told me that I should start taking birth control pills. She said that there is an imbalance in the production of testosterone and estrogen hormones in my body. So I got my first month worth of prescription.

I hope my hair grows a lot from tomorrow.