Playing With HyunSeo

<Playing With HyunSeo>

We decided to play yesterday at Taekwondo school. So we called each other. I called her fist.

We decided to meet at Lotteria. I started jumping as soon as I saw her. I became a frog, jumping from car to car, running through red lights. I felt so happy when I saw her, just like when I see dogs.

We played with water in the bathtub. We had a big bowl in the room that kept all the water for us. The showerhead was peeing into the bowl. When I came out of the hot bathtub, my body froze. Even the snot that was running down my nose froze. Like an icicle.

We played Olympus guardian game with my dolls. Our pretty dolls started to talk. “Ah, it’s cool!” “Blah..blah blah…”

Then we became the dolls themselves. We were swimming like fast sharks. There was an ocean after we swam a little bit. We saw a lot of sea anemones and such and came back as humans.

Phew, today was so much fun.