Natural Natura

I had a dream last night about a possible photo project.

I was with a guy and we traveled to a forest. We parted our ways to be on the opposite ends of the forest. We began taking photos alone, walking deeper into the forest. He took pictures the way he saw and felt the forest and I did the same.
As we got closer to the middle point of the forest, I started to see him from distance. I began taking photos of him and when we finally got close, really close, like nose to nose close, we kissed. (and of course, I took a photo of it)

So I imagined if this idea becomes a real book, the book would start with his photos and as the pages turn to the middle of the book, there would be a photo of us kissing. Then my photos follow up after, but reversed, so that the end of the book would be the first photo I took when I entered the forest.

I know it sounds cheesy but it's just an idea I had.

Anyways, I was determined to hunt for cameras today. I got on my bike and started pedaling to Gakugeidaigaku station. The first camera shop of the day. I knew I wouldn't find what I want that easily so I didn't expect much. Just as I expected, no cameras interested me. I then biked to Shinjuku station where there are a lot of little camera shops.

After the 4th one, I was starting to think I'm not going to find a camera today.

I messaged my friend if he wanted to join the hunt. He came soon after and we went to this gem shop I found. They had Mamiya 6, what he's been looking for, and a whole shelf of compact point and shoot cameras. He was in awe looking around and something caught his eye. "Betty, you gotta come and see this."

It was Fujifilm Natura Black. I didn't know anything about this camera but he told me all about it. He said that this is the perfect camera for my next chapter.
So I asked the staff if I can see and touch it off the shelf and as soon as I held it, oh my god. It was the sexiest thing I've ever touched.

Soon after, I bought the camera.

It felt right to befriend this sexy beast.
I felt alive.

We then celebrated with burgers and fries (even though our wallets were pretty much empty) and talked about how happy we were. We really were. Then, we parted our ways because he wanted to go develop his films. I got on my bike and took a longer route to enjoy this moment.

It started raining soon after I came home to the dogs.
Rain usually gets me gloomy but tonight, the rain was singing for me.

Maybe I'll travel somewhere tomorrow to test out this sexy beast.