Daikon Party

Last night, I turned on my alarm for 7am.

The alarm woke me up and I was still so sleepy. So were my dogs. They were still dozing off. But I got off the bed and went for a long walk with the dogs. Maybe for 40 minutes. There were barely anyone outside because it was too early to be up on this sweet Sunday morning. We came back home and I took a 44 degrees shower and got ready to leave the house.

Today, I wanted to go to the ocean by the edge of Miura. 2 hours and 30 minutes train ride. I put on a thicker pair of socks and boots to be prepared for a lot of walking. I put 5 roll of films in my bag. I got on the train with my new camera, Fuji Natura Black, feeling excited. I got off at Yokohama station to drop by Yodobashi Camera shop to buy extra camera batteries, just in case. I wasn’t going to let another photo opportunity be ruined with any kind of camera malfunction. I got off at Miurakaigan station and the ocean was still so far away. There was a bus by the train station that could have taken me very close to the ocean in 30 minutes but the bus came once every hour. I thought, “Fuck it! I’m gonna walk there.”

Boy, little did I know how far of a journey this was. There was one road for cars that went around the whole ocean but it looped around too much for me to walk. So I got off the track and walked on the field to find a shortcut. There were no roads showing up on my google maps except for showing me the direction I was heading. The map was blank but me, the blue dot, moving around. I didn’t want to give up so I decided to just follow the ocean. I thought, “Just walk towards it, how hard could it be?”

Holy shit, it was so hard. I was stranded on these fields of daikon(radish) and cabbage with no one around. I didn’t know if the road I was on was a dead end or not and a lot of the ways I took turned out to be a dead end so I often had to head back and find another route. I had to jump over a school fence, go up so many gravely hills and walk through fields of daikon to get closer to the ocean.

After two and half hours of walking, I was sweating with the sunlight hitting directly in my face and starting to wish that I waited for the bus from the beginning. I finally found a road that led me to the ocean. Except I was on a highway where I could only see the sea from way up. In order for me to go below the highway and actually feel the water, I had to loop around...much more. So I decided to enjoy the ocean where I was and just appreciate the salty air.

After enjoying the view, I decided to head back to Miurakaigan station. No way I was about to walk back and get lost again so I walked to find a nearest bus stop. After walking for half an hour, I finally found it. However, I remembered the bus comes once every hour so “Oh my god, now I have to wait at this bus stop for an hour or however long it’s gonna take.”

Now, I’m on my way back home with an accomplishment of a daikon party instead of a sea party with blisters on my feet. I think I overestimated my capability of walking.