Diaper Bowl

아침부터 소나기다.
이미 자전거를 타고 있었기 때문에 그냥 비를 맞아야 했다. 늦을수도 없어 그냥 달렸다.
가죽 단화구두는 바가지처럼 물을 받았고 옷은 기저귀처럼 모든 비를 흡수했다. 안경은 뿌얘져서 보이지는 않고 도로는 미끄러웠다.
우비를 살까 고민을 했지만 결국 튀길물은 다 맞게 되어있는 법. 이왕 비오게 된거 그냥 맞고 즐겨보자.

두세시간 후에 날씨가 개어서 구름은 참 예뻤다.

It started to shower in the early morning.
I was already riding my bike so I just had to bike through the rain. I couldn’t be late so I just biked.
As if my leather shoes were a bowl, it caught all the rain and as if my clothes were diapers, it soaked all the rain. My glasses got foggy so I couldn’t see well on the slippery road.
I thought about buying a cheap raincoat but I was bound to get wet no matter what. So might as well enjoy the rain.

Two or three hours later, the sun came up and the clouds were very pretty.