Ants and Eagles


비가오는날 창가에서 독수리가 날아다니는 꿈을 꾸었다.
나무에 빙빙 돌고있길래 창가로 가까이 가봤더니 어마어마하게 큰 독수리였다. 사진을 찍으려 했지만 너무나도 어두웠고 계속 빠르게 움직였기 때문에 잘 찍지 못했다.
나와 눈이 마주친 후, 빠르게 창문으로 날아왔고 나를 뚜러지게 쳐다보았다.

비는 주룩주룩 와서 모습도 잘 안보였지만 그 독수리의 눈은 선명하게 기억이 난다.

I had a dream that an eagle was flying around my window on a rainy day.
He was spinning around a tree so I got closer to the window to take a closer look. It was a huge eagle. I tried to take photos of him but I couldn’t take them well because he was so fast in the dark.
As soon as we met eyes, he flew quickly to my window and stared right at me.

I can’t remember so much because of the heavy rain in the dream, but his piercing eyes are unforgettable.