Another Dead Bird


Another dead bird?
When I saw a dead bird on Monday, I was quite happy because it reassured me that big things in life happen for a reason, and sometimes without a reason at all. But they happen. It is pretty silly of me to connect these dead birds to my miniscule life and it may even come off as phony. After making Birdland, dead birds became a therapeutic symbol of support. Mentally supporting the meaningless problems I tend to discover and create. It meant and still means a lot whenever I see dead birds.

It could be that I have been on a hunt to see one whenever something happens in my life. To find the symbol of support. Desperately looking for things on the ground, my heart jumping whenever I see a distorted figure on the road. It shows how weak I really am, needing to see this fake symbol just to get through the week. The more I think about it, the more silly I look and sound.

It’s also pretty messed up that I am manipulating animal’s deaths to my own liking. So selfish.

Not to mention that I can be very hypocritical, thinking that I have a decent heart and here I am, taking photos of dead birds and feeling not a single pity for them.