My Dad in The Newspapers


<My Dad in The Newspapers>

My mom slipped a newspaper on the table in the afternoon. My dad’s research team was in the newspapers! I realized this after seeing him in the newspapers.

You can do anything if you tried. That also means you can’t achieve anything without any effort.

I went outside to buy my dad a gift. He wasn’t coming home so I called him. He said he’ll be home late.

I felt like he ignored the gift I got for him. So I hung it by the door.

I’m sleeping now..z Z Z


Condition Of Happiness


<Condition Of Happiness>

I don’t think it’s true that one becomes happier once they make more money because you can’t buy happiness. I heard there are times where rich people end up unhappy. But the level of happiness tends to be higher in countries that is not economically great. Why is that? I think it’s because they know how not to waste things and taking care of the environment. Doing the same jobs, getting paid the same without exception so there was no need to even make money.

Happiness is not given to everyone but it comes to those who are nice to others.

I think I know what happiness is now.





My mom bought me a teddy bear, slippers and a hat for this year’s Christmas. I thought Christmas is the best day of the year because it is a day of happiness. When you give and receive gifts, it’s only natural to be happy. and laugh. I hope Santa Claus laughs and smiles so hard on Christmas that his belly button falls off.

That’s why once you start laughing, you can’t stop. There are people who help the poor on Christmas and there must be people out there who doesn’t smile on Christmas. Maybe because they didn’t receive a gift. Christmas is a day that gives us all a gift. Because Christmas gives many different kinds of gifts to people.

So I’m going to laugh and smile endlessly on Christmas every year.


With Nara


<With Nara>

I wanted to play with Nara after school today. She said she was available so I dragged her to my house. My hands were sore because I was dragging her so hard. We played with lego blocks. We became architects and made construction noises. “Haha!” My room soon became a sea of laughter. She is undoubtedly my best friend. No one at school is interested in her but I don’t care about that. She has a kind heart.





This photograph was taken in Pompeii volcano. People’s bodies hardened after the volcanic eruption. I wonder how high of a temperature the eruption was to the point where it hardened bodies. Volcanic activity is a phenomenon in which a stone in the earth's mantle melts at a hot temperature and climbs up to a weak part of the earth's surface.The magma is melted in the ground, and it is lava that comes out of the volcanic eruption. And the reason why the volcano is different from each other is different depending on whether there are many gooey stuff from volcanic eruption or not. If there’s a lot of goo, it becomes Jeju’s Sambang mountain or Japan’s Fuji mountain. It basically looks like a tall bell.

I realized that volcanoes are very dangerous to us.



First page
“Here! This is a stag beetle and a beetle!”
”Thank you!”
‘I wonder what’s inside…’

Second page

Third page
I feel like barfing because it’s so gross…


First Snow Of the Year

<First Snow Of the Year>

My dad screamed “It’s the first snow of the year!” We all got up, with our eyes not quite open fully yet. “What are you saying so early in the morning, dad?” So I looked out the window. It was true!

It was so white that it looked like it was covered by sugar. “Wow!”

We all ran outside. “Crunch, crunch!” “My shoes are already farting in the snow!”

I became a swan and ran around. Like a ballerina. Like a surprised frog…

My mom and dad slowly started to dance with me. My socks were as wet as a damp towel. I threw a snowball at my dad and mom. We started to snowfight. “So cold!” We were laughing so hard the sunflowers were jealous of us.

The playground that was once covered in snow became a place of laughter. I still wanted to play more outside when my parents asked me to come back in. Because my shoes still wanted to fart in the snow.




There was an unfortunate news at school today because teacher said “YuRan won’t be at school from tomorrow.” "I thought ‘She was supposed to be my classmate next month..’ I felt so empty, after giving her so much happiness.

Unlucky kind of wind swifted my heart. The burning and passionate side of my heart started to cool down. I really cherished her and now that she’s going away! It’s the worst!

I felt like a broken led from a pencil and dropped onto the ground. It really felt like eating the worst kind of steamed dumpling.





A fluffy ball from my scarf fell today at school. All the kids were saying it was a porcupine. My teacher thought it was a real porcupine so she asked me why I brought it to school. “It’s just a fluffy ball that fell from my scarf” She laughed, knowing it was just a big joke.

So I hope I can have a real porcupine one day.