To My Forever Friends


<To My Forever Friends>

To Hamssuda and Hamsuda.
Hello. This is Betty.
Are you guys resting well in sky world right now? You guys were my friends but left this place much earlier than me. I have faith in you guys that you will meet your old friends in sky world.
That’s why I buried you guys side by side. I hope you guys would be reborn as my friends again. But if you guys are happy there, I am okay with that too.
You guys died because of me, right? I just wanted to be friendly towards you but you guys were actually suffering from it. If I caused your death, I should be punished harshly. Punish me till my heart rots. Until you guys forgive me…
I love you. I am sorry. Please punish me. I love you. I am sorry. Please punish me. I love you. I am sorry. Please punish me. I love you. I am sorry. Please punish me…


The Death of My Turtle Friend


<The Death of My Turtle Friend>

To my friend,
Hello. This is Betty. We were a family together but you left this world earlier than me. I really cherished and loved you but you were already walking on the path of death. I will gladly take all the anger you felt when you passed away. Please punish me as much as you want. Turtle, I would like to apologize to you once more. I wanted to live with you forever…
You were my best friend. But my heart started to rot when you passed away today. I get sadder as I acknowledge that you are gone. But I will try my best to keep the other turtle happy. Don’t let our friendship and love fade away~
I will love you forever.


About JiA Who Looks Like Me


<About JiA Who Looks Like Me>

She looks like this!
JiA has pretty eyes and she’s always smiling. We have the same blood type. Our height is similar as well.
Oh wait! And our hand size, shape and our fingerprints are the same~
We are really identical!


In Order to Sit Next to My Teacher

<In Order to Sit Next to My Teacher>

I woke up with messy hair 7 in the morning. But because I wanted to sit on the sparkling gold seat next to my teacher, I got up and rushed my breakfast. So some of the rice fell onto my clothes. Yuck.

I put on my clothes that were frozen from my excitement and hurriedly got on the elevator. The elevator was already on the 10th floor, thank God. I pressed the down button 100 times but it felt so much slower than usual. 20…21…22…23…24! The door finally opened and I got into the elevator before the elevator recording even finished saying “The door is opening.”

I ran to school in a superspeed x 100. “So tiring!” I then ran to the teacher’s room with all the strength I had left. After getting the keys, I opened the lucky classroom door. Nobody else was there. It was so silent. (It felt like crows were kaw-ing) Yahoo~

I wanted to dance because I was so happy.
JiYoung came in right after me. I was thinking ‘I know you came to school early to sit where I’m sitting.’ But I acted casually. I was so happy all throughout the classes today.


Grilled Eel


<Grilled Eel>

We flew to the fresh seafood market as if we were cute little angels.
The place was actually really stinky with healthy fishes jumping up and down.
Among those places, we decided to fly over to the eel section.
A scary looking lady made the healthy eels go to sleep. And then she cut them open. It was horrendous. But we grilled it and it was yummy. Good~


My Birthday Party

<My Birthday Party>

I took my friends to CanMore after school. Everybody was being loud. They kept asking me where we were going. It was kind of silly that they kept asking me because the building was right in front of their noses.
We finally arrived. Phew! Some other friends were already seated in the restaurant. I sat down on a swinging chair. All of my friends followed my lead and sat next to me. I shared a delicious spaghetti with Minji. After the meal, we played freeze tag game outside. JeHun reluctantly became the guy who has to tag someone else. “Mugunghwa Kotchi Pi-uthumnida!” (Korean phrase when we play freeze tag)

Then, Dongjin tapped me. “Kyaaaa~” I safely made it back to the line. Phew.
A lady who was working nearby loudly scolded Gyubin and Dongjin. Actually, everybody else was hiding in the bathroom by then.

Finally, I got to go home. Yahoo!
My friends were being loud once again and wouldn’t let me go home. I sighed so many times. So we decided to play a little bit more outside. We ended up making snowmans and did snow fights. I became really cold after that. But, I was so happy in the end.

Thank you, everybody.


Ball Game


<Ball Game>

If you fail to catch the ball, you have to write your name with your butt.

I passed the ball to my mom and she passed it to my dad.

Family love is eternal.

Family love.


Stag Beetle


<Stag Beetle>

I opened the container lid tonight.

The stag beetle larva became a pupa!

“Mom! The stag beetle larva became a pupa!” “What?!”

It was so astonishing! It blew my mind away!

We got a magnifying glass and continued to observe. But he kept secreting some kind of water from his butthole. (Yuck) But the other beetle hadn’t become a pupa yet.

And then the pupa wiggled. “How can a pupa move?”

It was so mysterious.





Cotton candy snow came down in the morning.

We got dressed in a hurry and hopped into the elevator. There was a moment of anticipation going down. 2nd floor…1st floor! There was a lot of snow outside.

As soon as our apartment door opened, I almost fainted. That’s because the snow really did look like white cotton candy. We started rolling around balls of snow. As we rolled the soft snow in the neighborhood playground, we were all laughing like little kids.

I want to be a happy snowman one day.


Insect Observation Diary


<Insect Observation Diary>

I observed beetle and stag beetle’s larvas this evening.

Characteristics: They are hairy and have 12 joints. Once they are grown, they have 6 legs. Then they hang out inside of the house soil. Or by the corner of the container. Their feelers are bent and they only have one upper breathing hole. They are also squishy. And their butts are transparent.

I will be observing them further to know the purpose of these bugs.