Another Episode


She had another episode today.
This time, it was a cluster of three. I took her out for a short walk (first mistake, it was too hot) and I accidentally let go of her leash. Her being her, she started running away and I ran, following her to grab the leash. When I grabbed the leash with my foot, her body jolted back and she started to scream really loud. I got down to see if she was injured but she was not bleeding or didn’t seem to break any of her bones. She continued to scream and I realized that another seizure was about to happen. Her pupils were dilated and I could see her head starting to shake. She then lost balance and laid on the floor. With the scorching heat, she was panting and seemed like she couldn’t breathe properly. I picked her up and went back home. I turned on the fan but failed to turn on the AC (second mistake). I put her on my couch and let her have the episode. Her body was contorted during the episode, just like the last times, but this time she peed and puked all over herself. After the first episode, I ran my hands across her to make sure she was okay and her body was getting really hot and she was drooling which hasn’t happened before. I should have turned on the AC to make sure that the room was cool but I panicked and didn’t realize it at all.
She then had two more episodes shortly after that.
I had two of my neighbors come in and help me with Nikki, one calling any hospitals that were open and the other calling the cab. I am super thankful they were there to help me because I would have lost it alone.

I should have been more calm but I freaked out.

Now she’s recovering and sleeping next to me. Still very sensitive, I must not wake her or shock her.