Left Ear


Had a dream

A man sitting next to me, whom I know in real life, kissed my left ear

He really loved kissing my left ear,

His eyes were closed and his tongue was discovering the shape of my left ear.

This dream is not an invitation to the individual but when I saw him the next time, my left ear tingled.

I was/will always be distressed because I cling onto the equation that love makes us make love and making love is love.
But that theory, assumption, belief or hypothesis will always just be a wet dream, because it never existed.


Shellfish Dream


Had a dream.
I bought a bag of shellfish and brought it back home.

I left it on the kitchen table, losing a sense of time.

Couple hours later, I opened the container that kept all the shellfish like a bag of coins.
All the souls of the shellfish steamed up like a cup of hot black coffee fighting against the cold.

They vaporized into the air, drifting outside my window.

If a shellfish can have a soul, I must go and find mine.