Another Dead Bird


Another dead bird?
When I saw a dead bird on Monday, I was quite happy because it reassured me that big things in life happen for a reason, and sometimes without a reason at all. But they happen. It is pretty silly of me to connect these dead birds to my miniscule life and it may even come off as phony. After making Birdland, dead birds became a therapeutic symbol of support. Mentally supporting the meaningless problems I tend to discover and create. It meant and still means a lot whenever I see dead birds.

It could be that I have been on a hunt to see one whenever something happens in my life. To find the symbol of support. Desperately looking for things on the ground, my heart jumping whenever I see a distorted figure on the road. It shows how weak I really am, needing to see this fake symbol just to get through the week. The more I think about it, the more silly I look and sound.

It’s also pretty messed up that I am manipulating animal’s deaths to my own liking. So selfish.

Not to mention that I can be very hypocritical, thinking that I have a decent heart and here I am, taking photos of dead birds and feeling not a single pity for them.


Dead Bird


As messed up as it sounds, I was happy to see this dead bird today.
I’ve been encountering dead birds on important moments in my life…maybe it’s me forcing those dead birds to be connected to my life somehow.

But I am glad today, because this dead bird says that I am where I’m supposed to be.


A Cat That Became A Part of My Family

<A Cat That Became A Part of My Family>

I went for a walk with my mom after coming back from Wonderland. But!
I heard a loud “meow!” somewhere. So I got close to the noise and there was a boy who was holding a kitty as small as my fist. I asked him “Can I please have him?” He replied “Yeah, sure.”

I was so happy. He said “Somebody threw him away because his mommy cat died.” So my mom and I flew with our wings to our house holding this little kitty.

It was so surreal. He looked like a doll because he was so cute. I couldn’t say a word… Because he was just that cute…

But my dad won’t let me keep him. Hm…I must charm my dad tomorrow to convince him.

How awesome would it be if I became the kitty’s mom? Ah…I can’t even say a word.


My Mom's Mistake...And My Tears...

School bell rang for the third class of the day. Ding Dong Deng Dong~
I was thinking ‘Yes! It’s craft time!’
But…My mom didn’t prepare the right materials for the class today. The teacher asked “Betty, your materials?”
”I don’t have it…”
”What? You will have to remain after class and clean up the classroom then." She said it with her charismatic voice. I wonder if she was upset? Or if she felt good?
Please write your feelings, teacher. [ purple note: I didn’t feel all that great either. You didn’t say anything about your mom’s mistake…-teacher]
My heart became fragile and malleable like a piece of clay.
Later, my mom told me that she just received whatever the stationary man gave her. She didn’t check the lists on the calendar but only believed his hunch.
Teacher! Please be understanding. I came home crying.

My mom apologized to me thousand, million times.

[blue note: Betty! I made a big mistake. But your teacher scolded you to make you a better person.-mom]


I am Against Hwang WooSuk's Stem Cell Discovery

The newspaper said that this discovery can help with paralysis, dementia, leukemia, and diabetes. But I am against this. Because other countries can try to steal this idea or attack us. I believe this discovery is good for us but I am totally against it.

Also, you can clone people if you keep studying the stem cells. If someone was to clone me, nobody would know who is the real Betty. The Earth might become very hectic if there are clones all around us. When things get hectic, people can’t get a grip of their own so I am against this.