Contact Accident


<Contact Accident>

After going to Wonderland, I got on the 5 bus to go to my Taekwondo class. There was a loud bang sound on the way. Our bus driver scratched someone else’s car. “Oh, no!” My heart was racing. “Are we stuck here forever? Did someone push our car?” Our driver talked to the guy for 15 minutes, trying to persuade him.

This was my first time of experiencing an accident like this. It was kind of exciting.


Mother's Love

<Mother’s Love>

My dad bought me a book called Happy Apple tree. One of the sad stories in the book was about a mother’s one missing eye. She gave away her eyeball for her injured son. What would she do if she was not his biological mother? She probably would not give her eyeball away but real mothers can do that.

I felt a bit of pain in my heart after reading this story and I realized that a mother’s love is stronger than any kind of love. Giving your heart to someone is to express your emotions to that person. I got a little bit sad. I think even a bully will try to be a good kid after reading this book.

Let’s now talk about father’s love. There was a story of a daughter waiting for her father’s love. Because he was a drunkard, she dyed her hair red to get noticed by her father. He said she looked hideous and kicked her out of the house. But he began to regret what he said to her later on. He bought a red hair band and waited for his daughter to come back. She came back a few days later, with her hair dyed back to black.

I don’t even know how to explain how I’m feeling. A father’s love is as strong as mother’s love.

I will be a good daughter to them from now on.




I ordered a pizza that had a lot of freckles. I was hoping the pizza had feet and delivered itself on foot but it was a delivery guy who came. I listened to Byeol, Noeul, Rain, and God album while I waited for my pizza. If my pizza was a spider pizza, it would have arrived in 1 second... “DingDong~” My house bell rang like a siren.

My ear drum almost popped from the sound. I ran there like a bullet and paid the delivery guy. I took a sneak peak into the pizza. “You are mine! Haha!”

Then the pizza frowned at me. I took a closer look at the pizza and it looked like it was frowning because the ham was slanted. I grabbed a slice and watched the long cheese string. Mom and I ate it all in such a hurry.

Pizza is probably taking an adventure in my body by now.